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50g PP Jars Packaging
Model: HX-B064
Bottle type: 50g cream bottle
Bottle weight: 50 grams
Bottle height: 46 mm
Caliber: 54mm
Country of Origin: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Guangzhou Hua Xin Plastic Products Co., Ltd. produced by the 50 grams of cream bottle quality is based on the enterprise, high-quality products into the world market, a powerful weapon. Hua Xin company in order to create products to the supreme respect, strict processing of every pass, and strive to first-class products to deal with fierce market competition
In the future of enterprise competition, a greater degree of customer satisfaction is the meaning of every enterprise tiger roar organization, so the quality is not only whether the product meets the specifications. But also includes the customer is satisfied with this big direction, and customer satisfaction = more broadly, including the delivery service price, etc. If science and technology is the first productive force, then the quality is a company's most direct strength to mentionPP Jars Packing Free Sample

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