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Infix - School Management System Software

Infix - School Management System Software 3.3.2

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Reliability is the key factor when it comes to running a School Management System. Any lag or disturbance can affect your reputation. And we completely understand this responsibility from our 20 years+ of experience in working in this field. We know every nitty-gritty detail of this respected industry.

With our experience and state-of-the-art interface designs, we have created INFIX in School Management ERP System which is extremely reliable, intuitive, and easy to use. It can cater to all your needs of managing school, college, university and any other educational institution eliminating the tedious manual processes.

With a framework built this solid and reliable, you can never go wrong. Whenever you face any difficulty, our friendliest support team will be with you at every step to guide the process. Once it is set and running, you can stop worrying about the system and focus on the other more important things of your organization. The beauty of automation will be at your fingertips.

Why Choose Us

Right from the moment of your purchase,

  • You will be guided by our Comprehensive Documentation guide to getting the process up and running.
    You will get INFIX team’s award-winning after-sale service. Your every issue (even the tiniest technical bits) is equally significant for us as we are relentlessly working to make this platform better every day.
    With this a platform this solid and the after-sale service that comes along with it, you have nothing to lose. We provide value for every penny we take.
What Features Have INFIX that Different From Others in Market?
Color, Design, Code & Customization: With due respect to other school management system providers in the market, we have noticed that most of them have put little emphasis on the color palettes and front-end design of the system. So we put some extra care in it because of the look matters for the people who will be using them.

We pinpointed some areas which cause generally cause trouble during customizing these systems. We tried to make the process as easy as possible.

UI & UX Ready: Design happens to be your silent ambassador. With the end level users in mind, this platform has been designed with a super intuitive and minimalistic approach. Its user-friendliness is its gorgeousness.

Documentation: The documentation guide is pretty comprehensive and divided into palatable parts. From beginner to advanced users, this documentation guide is generally enough to get the system up and running. We are continuously updating it to cover all your probable

How INFIX Works:

However, If this video amazes you or generate a lot of question to you then we recommended please check our Pre-purchase FAQ’s section in bellow otherwise comments section is always open.

INFIX Features Module:
  • Admission Query
    Visitor Book
    Phone Call Log
    Postal Receive
    Postal Dispatch
    Admin Setup
    Setup Front Office
    Managing User accounts (teacher, student, parent)
    Managing classes, subjects
    Managing class routine
    Managing exam, grades
    Managing exam marks
    Sending exam marks via sms
    Managing Students Attendance
    Student Certificate
    Generate Certificate
    Student Id Card
    Generate Id Card
    Managing accounting, income & expenses
    Student Admission
    Student Details
    Student Promote
    Managing School events
    Student Category
    Student Group
    Desabled Student
    Managing library, dormitory, transport
    Messaging between other users
    Managing system settings (general, massaging , language)
  • Add Homework
    Evaluation Report
    Upload Content
    Study Material
    Other Downloads
    Managing students
    Managing exam marks
    Managing attendance
  • Get children marks
    Get children payment invoices
    Get children class routine
    Messaging with teachers
    Childs attendance tracking
  • Get class routine
    Get exam marks
    Get attendance status
    Get study materials / files from teacher
    Get payment invoices, pay online
    Communicate with teacher
  • Fees payment
    Collect Fees
    Search fees Payment
    Search fees due
    Fees Master
    Fees Group
    Fees type
    Fees statement
    Fees carry Forward
    Paid/due fees statement etc
  • Account Dashboard
    Account List
    Payment Method
    Bank Account
    Payment History
  • Staff Directory
    Staff Attendence
    Staff Attendence Report
    Payroll Report
  • Add Exam
    Add Exam Type
    Exam Schedule
    Seat plan
    Exam routine
    Marks Register
    Exam Attendence
    Marks Grade
    Send Marks by SMS
    Question Group
    Question Bank
    Online Exam
    Date & time organization
    Schedule notice
    Mark sheet & Report
  • Dashboard
    Class Routine
    View Class Routine (Teacher)
    Assign Subject
    Assign Class Teacher
    Class Room
    CL/EX Time Setup
    Subjective assign
  • Notice Board
    Send Massage
    Send Email/Sms
    Event notice
    Event Logs
    Holiday notice
  • Add Book Book List
    Add Member
    Member listing & manage
    Book category/list
    Issue/Return Book
    All Issued Book
    Card issuing
  • Item Category
    Item List
    Item Store
    Item Receive
    Item Receive List
    Item Sell
    Item Issue
  • Add Home Work
    Home Work List
    Home Work Evaluation Report
  • Routes
    Assign Vehicle
    Student Transport Report
  • Dormitory Rooms
    Room Type
    Rooms monitoring
    Student Dormitory Report
  • Student Report
    Guardian Report
    Student History
    Student Login Report
    Fees Statement
    Balance Fees Report
    Transjection Report
    Class Report
    Class Routine Report
    Exam Routine Report
    Teacher Class Routine
    Merit List Report
    Online Exam Report
    Mark Sheet Report
    Tabulation Sheet Report
    Progress Card Report
    Student Fine Report
    User Log
    Attendants Report (Teacher & Student both) and Many More…
  • General Settings
    Email Settings
    Payment Method Settings
    Role Permission
    Base Group
    Base Setup
    Academic year
    SMS Settings
    Language Settings
  • Coming soon. We are working on it and hopedully it will launch in our next update.
INFIX has More:
  • Optimized Performance
    One click update system
    Clean Code quality
    Installation wizard
    Multi Lingual
    Full Responsive
    RTL – Coming soon
    E-mail notification with templates
    Supports SMS notification
    Printable Reports
    Powerful permission editor
    Flexible fee structure
    Details students & stuff Profile
    Student attended
    Unmatched transport module
    Complete digital library system
Common Features:
  • Added Menus
    Added Media Manager
    Added Pages
    Added Event
    Added Gallery
    Added News
    Added Banner Images
    Added Human Resource with Payroll module
    Added Staff Directory
    Added enable/disable staff
    Added Staff Attendance
    Added Staff Attendance Report
    Added Payroll
    Added Payroll Report
    Added Approve Leave Request
    Added Apply Leave
    Added Leave Type
    Added Department
    Added Designation
    Added Front Office with Admission Enquiry module
    Added Admission Enquiry with Status and Follow Up
    Added Visitor Book
    Added Phone Call Log
    Added Postal Dispatch
    Added Postal Receive
    Added Complain
    Added Setup Front Office
    Added ACL based Roles and Permission module
    Added Roles
    Added Assign Permissions on Roles
    Added enable/disable modules
    Added Certificate and ID Card Print module
    Added Student Certificate
    Added Generate Certificate
    Added Student ID Card
    Added Generate ID Card
    Added Homework module
    Added Homework
    Added Homework Evaluation Report
    Added Calendar with To Do List module
    Added Calendar Event
    Added Task for To DO List
    Added File based Languages
    Added class-section and same role upload content in Download Center
    Added Student Timeline
    Added login with last logout page
    Added character count in Email/SMS send message box
    Added sibling feature in student edit
    Added Fees Carry Forward to next session
    Added Auto Backup using Cron
    Added new navigation panel for students in same class
    Added % in student attendance report
    Added UTF-8 support for csv file in student import
    Added new fields in student import
    Added enable/disable student
    Added online payment in student panel
    Added Assign Class Teacher
    Added Teacher Restricted Mode
    Added Student History
    Added Guardian Report
    Added Student Transport Report
    Added Student Hostel Report
    Added Student House, Blood Group, Height, Weight, As On Date, Father, Mother, Guardian photo in student profile
    Added hostel allotment in student admission
    Added required filed red * mark in forms
    Added sorting in student attendance page
    Added Download Center in Parent Panel
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