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Ultimate Member Social Activity Addon

Ultimate Member Social Activity Addon 2.2.0

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Increase engagement and allow users to interact with each other by adding an activity system to your site where users can create posts on their wall and see what other users are up to on your site.
Key Features
  • Allows users to create public wall posts
    Adds an activity tab to user profile which shows a user’s activity
    Users can post on another user’s profile
    Display global activity wall anywhere on site via shortcode
    Display activity wall for current logged in user anwhere on site via shortcode
    Users can create a post and attach a photo to post
    Users can edit wall posts from front-end
    Embeds YouTube & Vimeo videos directly onto activity stream if user posts a url
    Users can add hashtags to posts & users can click on hashtag to see all posts including that hashtag
    Users can comment & like posts and also reply to comments
    Ajax pagination for wall posts and loading more comments
    Users can report specific wall posts
    Users can make their wall private or viewable by members only via account page
    Admin can view & manage all wall posts in backend via custom cpt
    Allows admin to turn off social wall for specific role(s)
    Prevent a specific user role(s) from creating new posts, uploading a photo or commenting on posts
    Control number of wall posts to appear by default in desktop or mobile view before load more is triggered
    Option to turn on/off option for users to set their activity wall privacy via account page
    Ability for admin to decide which activity types show on activity stream
    Show when a new user registers on site (optional)
    Show when a user creates a new blog post (optional)
Integrations with followers extension
  • Show when a user follows another user in activity
    Allow user to make their wall available to his followers only, or people they follow
Integrations with notifications extension
  • Notify when user post on user wall
    Notify when user likes their wall post
    Notify when user comments their wall post
Integrations with WooCommerce
  • Shows in activity when someone adds a new product (includes item name and price)
Integrations with bbPress
  • Show when someone creates a new forum topic
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