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Ultimate Member User Reviews Addon

Ultimate Member User Reviews Addon 2.1.7

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With our user reviews extension, you can add a 5 star user rating and review system to your site so users can rate/review each other.

Key Features
  • Users can leave between a 1 and 5 star rating
    User can enter a review title and review comment
    Sort your members directory by highest rated users first
    Add a filter to member directory so users can search for other users with a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 star rating
    Comes with 3 sidebar widgets and shortcodes to show top rated users, most rated users and lowest rated users
    Show a user’s star rating on member directory and profile header
    Adds a reviews tab to each user profile
    Allow specific user roles to leave reviews
    Allow specific user roles to automatically publish reviews or have reviews pending approval by admin
    Allow specific user roles to remove their own reviews, or other reviews
    Complete management of user reviews from front-end and back-end
    Allow admin to edit any review from the WP backend
    Allow users to report/flag certain reviews
    Block specific users from leaving reviews
    Sends an email to a user when someone leaves a review of them
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