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WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit 4.5

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Download Free WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit CodeCanyon 8011417

Easily create discounts in bulk, product variations, change stock, edit attributes, change product image in your WooCommerce store. Products and variations are displayed in a spreadsheet-like table and can be edited in bulk or individual cells.
  • Filter products by title, category, attributes, regular and sale price, sku, tags, long and short descriptions, product status, stock qty and status, product type, shipping class, post author, length, width, height and weight.
    Append, prepend and replace text in text fields(bulk).
    Increase/decrease by value/percent (bulk).
    Generate sale price from the regular one (bulk).
    Set, add, remove categories/attributes (bulk).
    Copy values from one field to another (bulk).
    Fill series /SKU (numbers)/.
    Show/hide product fields (columns).
    Create products and variations.
    Create variations to multiple products at once.
    Create new categories and attribute terms.
    Delete products/variations.
    Optionally delete images from server when permanently deleting products.
    Powerful Selection Manager – select products via search conditions.
    Changed fields are revertible to the original values (before saving).
    Support for custom meta fields (text, number, checkbox and select – bulk editable, arrays or objects not supported).
    Find custom meta fields from third-party plugins.
    Support for custom taxonomies – bulk editable.
    Editable attributes as different columns.
    Linked editing of selected products (quick bulk edit).
    Customizable product limit, support for large stores.
    Variation retrieval optional.
    Save and load sets(views) of product fields (columns).
    Export products to a csv file/for viewing purposes only, not meant for importing/.
    Visual mark on changed cells.
    Translation support. Built-in translations – Bulgarian, Spanish, Swedish, French, Russian, Italian
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