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WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels 1.1.7

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Download Free WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels Nulled

Grab your customer’s attention with custom product labels!

With the Advanced Product Labels extension you can create labels easily and quickly to grab your customer’s attention. Promote your free products, emphasise “Free Shipping” or other exclusive discounts for one or a range of your products.

By using the easy-to-use conditions you can target specific products in your shop to display a label.
Get The Customers Attention

By using product labels you can attract attention from the customer to the product. You probably already have a ‘sale’ or a ‘promo’ label on top of your products, that nice, but you can take it even further with this extension. Target specific groups of products with the conditions which can be set for each label.
Example usages
  • Add a ‘New’ label to products added less then X days ago
    Show a ‘Sale’ label for products that are on sale
    30% OFF / $5 OFF (amount will be calculated automatically)
    T-shirts in the new summer collection 8)
    HD films in the films category
    Show customers which products have free shipping
    Show which products are your Bestsellers
What does Advanced Product Labels do?
  • Add product labels
    Global labels; Target multiple products at once
    Single labels; Labels created in the product edit screen
    Smart labels; Let the plugin fill in variable parts of a label. E.g. the percentage of discount
    Different label types; Choose from 6 different types of product labels.
    Select from predefined colors or pick your own custom colors
    Align labels individually
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