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WooCommerce Pre-Orders

WooCommerce Pre-Orders 1.5.26

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Sell pre-orders for products and services

Set up pre-orders in your WooCommerce store, so customers can order products before they’re available. You can automatically or manually release and fill orders when you’re ready and let the extension handle the rest!

The pre-order experience is fully customizable and supports both pre-orders charged up front and upon release. If you’re using a supported payment gateway, pre-orders can be charged upon release without the customer returning and paying for their order.

  • Set an optional date/time when the product will be available
    Automatically charge orders when the product is available
    Change the release date for a pre-ordered product
    Email all customers who pre-ordered a product
    Cancel pre-orders if the product is no longer available
    Filter your pre-orders with a custom “pre-order” order status
    Works with simple & variable products
    Optionally charge a fee for a pre-order
    Customize the Add to Cart/Place Order buttons for pre-orders
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