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WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO - SERP Checker

WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO - SERP Checker 2.4.2

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Download Free WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO - SERP Checker Nulled CodeCanyon 21199960
WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO – WordPress SERP Checker

Research keywords for your content with detailed search volume, CPC, competition rate. Know your keyword, improve your content.

You might not recognize the useful longtail keyword in your content while you’re writing, so we will extract the content and suggest you the longtail keywords from your content with the settings, such as the maximum words per term.


You will be able to research your competitor in full and get all the in-depth analysis about your competitor. The information includes:
  • What keywords the competitor is ranking
    Competitor’s traffic analysis: monthly traffic, traffic source….
    Most impact keywords
    Social analysis: like, share, google+, pinterest
    Domain analysis: PA, DA, CF, TF, domain age
Know how your competitor build their backlink for the longtail keyword

Let’s the tool help you analyze how your competitor ranking the keywords with backlink strategy.

  • Analyze their backlink sources
    Backlink analyze: traffic, domain strength,...
    Backlink type: affiliate, .gov, shortlink, organic link, naked link….
Multi-language & Country Supported

We support most of the language and country, so you can enjoy the plugin on whatever niche you do.
  • English / United States
    English / South Africa
    Amharic / Ethiopia
    Arabic / United Arab Emirates
    Arabic / Israel
    Arabic / Egypt
    Arabic / Libya
    Arabic / Qatar
    Arabic / Saudi Arabia
    Arabic / Palestinian Territory
    Arabic / Tunisia
    Armenian / Armenia
    Bengali / Bangladesh
    Bosnian / Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Bulgarian / Bulgaria
    Catalan; Valencian / Andorra
    Catalan; Valencian / Spain
    Chinese / China
    Chinese / Taiwan
    Chinese (Hong Kong SAR) / Hong Kong
    Croatian / Croatia
    Czech / Czech Republic
    Danish / Denmark
    Danish / Greenland
    Dutch / Belgium
    Dutch / Netherlands
    English / Canada
    English / India
    English / New Zealand
    English / United Kingdom
    English / Australia
    English / Singapore
    English / Ireland
    English / Sri Lanka
    Estonian / Estonia
    Finnish / Finland
    French / Morocco
    French / Algeria
    French / France
    German / Austria
    German / Switzerland
    German / Germany
    Greek / Greece
    Hungarian / Hungary
    Icelandic / Iceland
    Indonesian / Indonesia
    Italian / Italy
    Japanese / Japan
    Khmer / Cambodia
    Korean / Korea
    Kurdish / Iraq
    Nepali / Nepal
    Norwegian / Norway
    Polish / Poland
    Portuguese / Brazil
    Portuguese / Portugal
    Romanian / Romania
    Russian / Russia
    Serbian / Serbia
    Slovak / Slovakia
    Slovene / Slovenia
    Spanish / Chile
    Spanish / Costa Rica
    Spanish / Venezuela
    Spanish / Argentina
    Spanish / Bolivia
    Spanish / Colombia
    Spanish / Cuba
    Spanish / Dominican Republic
    Spanish / Ecuador
    Spanish / Guatemala
    Spanish / Mexico
    Spanish / Nicaragua
    Spanish / Peru
    Spanish / Puerto Rico
    Spanish / Paraguay
    Spanish / El Salvador
    Spanish / Uruguay
    Spanish / Spain
    Swedish / Sweden
    Tagalog / Philippines
    Thai / Thailand
    Turkish / Turkey
    Ukrainian / Ukraine
    Hebrew / Israel
    French / Canada
    Malay / Malaysia
    English / Malaysia
    English / Malta
Auto Link

WPLKS will generate the tags (or terms for your custom taxonomy) and link with the longtail keywords in the content. It will help you optimize the internal linking automatically.

Faster Index

WPLKS come along with a feature to help your site get indexed faster, almost immediately after you publish the post.

Super Useful with Yoast SEO

You can use this plugin with Yoast SEO, here’s the list of feature you will find it’s useful:
  • Yoast SEO allow one 01 keyword optimization only, while WPLKS is UNLIMITED
    Analyze your focus keyword in detail with CPC, Competition, Search Volume
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