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WP Ultimate BAN Users - WordPress Plugin

WP Ultimate BAN Users - WordPress Plugin 1.5.7

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Download Free WP Ultimate BAN Users - WordPress Plugin Nulled CodeCanyon 17508338

The Ultimate BAN Users WordPress Plugin is the last plugin you’ll ever need for managing access to your WordPress site and moderating/removing users’ content. Ban existing users indefinitely or by date / time, deny registrations based on banned ips/emails/countries. Catpure IP/Geodata/Browser/Device data and much, much more….
  • Ban existing WordPress users from logging in
    Option to ban user’s last known IP address whilst banning login account
    View insightful data about users’ devices, browsers, and activity
    Identify potentially shared accounts (accessed from multiple sources)
    Ban users indefinitely, by day, week, month or until a specified date / time
    Deny visitors from registering based on email/ip address/country code
    Quickly turn off WordPress features such as commenting, or registering accounts
    Dashboard with graphs showing related stats
    Audit log showing comprehensive event data.
    Option to temporarily/or permanently disable non-admin logins
    Option to restrict admin logins to set days/hours of the week
    View user’s last login data from the default WordPress users table
    Enhanced security with option to hide failed login error messages
    Awesome UI with comprehensive settings
    Bulk change the status of banned users’ posts (i.e. to draft)
    Capture and view reason for banning users
    Spam prevention settings for blocking unwanted logins/registrations
    Include snippets of custom css/js in header/footer
    Automated notifications for logins when accessed from new ip address
    Send notification when someone logs in with an administrative account
    Send custom email notifications, including CC, BCC fields
    TAG support in custom emails to embed dynamic data.
    Force banned users to logout, or redirect them
    Capture IP/Geodata during logins, inc. Mobile Detection
    View IP/Geodata/banned status/activity/browser & device details
    Prevent users publishing content with banned keywords/phrases
    Easily manage banned users/ips/emails/country codes
    View banned users in a separate table for easy management
    Monitoring new posts, by sending notification when user publishes first post
    Display front end notifications to users when banned
    Enhanced security to restrict Ban User privilege access
    Send WARNING emails to users with custom messages
    Awesome flat icons as alternatives to text based links
    Modal popup for sending custom messages, with textarea instead of text field
    For developers, we include Shortcodes
    Supports Ultimate Member Plugin
    Support for Accessibility / Screen Readers
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