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Wpmu Dev Wp Smush Pro

Wpmu Dev Wp Smush Pro 3.6.3

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Make your WordPress site blazingly fast and rank higher on search engines with WP Smush Pro.

Get the best in image optimization. Compress your images while maintaining their quality to dramatically improve your website’s page speed.

WP Smush Pro’s SuperServers let you bulk optimize without timing out. No more having to deal with confusing Photoshop settings – compress and resize huge 32MB images.

When you run Smush, our servers will get to work smushing in the background so your site runs at top speed while our API does all the heavy work.

how to null:
  1. Go to WP Repository and search for WP Smush
    Install WP Smush to Your WP Site
    Go to WP Smush plugin installation folder
    Go to “lib” folder
    Open file for editing


    Click to expand...

    Search for


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7. This function returns false, so change to true. Thats All!!!
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