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WPruby WooCommerce Custom Payment Gateway Pro

WPruby WooCommerce Custom Payment Gateway Pro 2.0.5

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Download Free WooCommerce Custom Payment Gateway Pro Nulled

Design your own payment gateway, build your own custom payment form. Add your custom payment gateway icon. Submit the payment form to any 3rd party API.

All fields are highly customizable as you can change the name, label, size, default value, CSS class/es, and more.

Unlimited Custom Gateways

Not only you can use the already created gateway, you can create an unlimited number of custom payment gateways and have full control of them.

Custom Gateway Icon

You can differentiate your gateway with a special icon which will be displayed on the Checkout page.

Order Status After Checkout

You can configure the status of the orders that were paid using your custom payment gateway.

Full Form Builder

A rich, dynamic and a drag-n-drop form builder to help you as much as possible to customize your gateway form. The form builder supports the following fields:

  • Text
    Radio Buttons
    Select Menu
  • Time
    Phone number
    Credit Card Form
API Request After Checkout

A very powerful tool for allowing the payment information to be sent to an external API in order to process or store the payment information.
  • You can redirect the customer to a custom URL after the checkout.
    Set the type of the API request, either POST or GET.
    Set the type of the data of the request, either FORM DATA or JSON.
    Setting any Extra API parameters such as API keys .. etc
    Setting API parameters and Key/Value combination of WooCommerce data such as:
    • Order ID
      Order Total
      Customer First Name
      Customer Last Name
      Customer Postcode
      Customer City
      Customer State
      Customer Country
      Customer Email
      Customer Phone
      Customer IP Address
Adding Payment Information To The Order’s Email

An option is available to add the submitted payment information in the Order’s emails.
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