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[XenMade] SEO (SEO2)

[XenMade] SEO (SEO2) 2.3.0 BETA5

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Download Free SEO (SEO2) Xenforo 2 Premium Addon Nulled

Decide for yourself and effectively which content is indexed from the search engine. This happens either automatically or manually.

There are extensive rules in the forum preferences.

When creating a thread, you can immediately influence the "noindex","index","nofollow" and "follow" Robot Meta specifications.

  • Robot Index global for all Threads in the Forum
    Robot Follow global for all Threadsin the Forum
    Robot Index for single threads
    Robot Follow for single threads
    Thread Title lower case option
    Extra Meta Title
    Extra Meta Description
    Change Canonical URL
    Choose free order of thread title (Prefix/ThreadTitle) with Sperator
    With this variables %thread_title% %prefix_title% %forum_title% %board_title% %page_no%
    Google News-Sitemap: (http://boardUrl.tld/googlenews.xml)
    Change Twitter:Card Type
  • Extra Meta Title
    Extra Meta Description
    Robot Index
    Robot Follow
Extensive Forum settings:
  • NoIndex for threads with fewer X words
    • Only on the first page of a thread
      In all posts of a thread
    NoIndex for threads whose posts have no attachments
    • Only in the first post
      In no post in a thread
    NoIndex always from page x
    NoIndex at a thread age of X days
    NoIndex after X days since last post
    NoIndex for threads that have a specific prefix
  • Extra Meta Title
    Extra Meta Description
Member page:
  • Robot Index
    Robot Follow
  • Robot Index
    Robot Follow
    Extra Meta Title
    Extra Meta Description
    Change Canonical URL
Extensive settings:
  • Change Canonical URL for Threads and RM
Other Pages:
  • NoIndex/NoFollow for Help-Pages
    NoIndex/NoFollow for What's New Pages
    NoIndex/NoFollow for Login/Register Pages
    Meta Description for Login/Register Pages
OG:Images for:
  • Threads per Direkt Imagelink or Upload
    Foren per Direkt Imagelink or Upload
    Categories per Direkt Imagelink or Upload
    og:image (url or upload) for threads
    og:image (url or upload) for foren
    og:image (url or upload) for categories ("Create pages for categories" must active)
    OG:image from First Post by Attachment
    OG:image from First Post by IMG bbCode
    OG:image from Avatar
Extra SEO for Images:
  • set ALT / Title for Images automatically* or manually
  • remove noIndex Threads from the Sitemap
    remove noIndex Ressources from the Sitemap
  • Seo Tools
    Remove User/Avatar Links for Guest
    Minify HTML

    and many more...
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