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xenforo 2 style

  1. TenHoshi

    xenforo 2 styles PIXEL EXIT - OMNI - XenForo 2 Style 2.0.2

    OMNI: Omni is a unique dark that can dramatically change the look of the overall appearance with a few drop-down menus. We've included 5 default color setups in Omni along with any accent color you want. This is the first of its kind that has ever existed on XenForo, come see what makes Omni...
  2. TenHoshi

    xenforo 2 styles Abstract + Dark - XenForo 2 Style 2018-05-27

    Full responsive Dark & Blue colors Xenforo 2 Nodes custom backgrounds in forum edit No-image nodes Custom footer editable in admin panel Slider panel Announcements panel Normal sidebar! Background node as link (option) Hover on background node (option) Option to remove latest posts and profile...
  3. TenHoshi

    xenforo 2 styles OLDSCHOOL - XenForo 2 Style 1.0.1

    Full responsive Light & Dark & Red colors Xenforo 2.0 Fixed width Simple and classy Demo: http://stylesfactory.pl/xenforo/index.php