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DC230201 electromotive bus ac controller is specifically designed for DC-power bus air condition unit. NEWBASE supply the control panel, control box, fuse board, and DC-DC converter as a complete solution.
Main function
This panel combines with back-mounted control box(CK2020492) takes the CAN-bus communication, to realize the control of cooling, warming, error alarm, emergency, etc. Even if the control panel is damaged, the back-mounted CAN-bus control box could also control the A/C system normally. Evaporator fan and condenser fan take PWM way to regulate to speed, matching up with the speed regulation module which researched & developed by NEWBASE, to realize the variable speed regulation of fan motor, to reduce the noise of A/C system efficiently. The control panel have the function of power-down memory, running time checking ,shift function, etc.
Technical data
Power supplyDC24V/DC12V
Power consumption3W
Dimensions194X68X56 mm
Input1) Air inlet temp sensor (25&鈩冿紝Rb=5K锛孊=3274)
2)Evaporator temp sensor
3)Condenser temp sensor
4)High pressure transducer
5)Power detection
6)ACC power(battery)
7)Backlight power
8)Low pressure transducer
9)Compressor temp sensor
10)Compressor transducer defective signal
11)Evaporator transducer defective signal
12)Condenser transducer defective signal
Output1) Compressor speed regulation signal
2) Compressor transducer turn-on signal
3) Condenser transducer turn-on signal
4) Evaporator transducer turn-on signal
5) Evaporator fan speed regulation signal
6) Reversing valve turn-on signal
Display accuracyTemp value, dual digit display. Accuracy, 1 &鈩?/p>
Ambient temperature-30&鈩冣€?0&鈩?5%锛?5%RH Non-condensing
Storage temperature-10&鈩冣€?0&鈩?5%锛?5%RH Non-condensing
Faceplate levelIP43
EMC levelEN50081&EN50082-2
1.DC electric air condition control design
2.Program customer design available
3.Logo customer-oriental design
NEWBASE supply the DC-DC converter , compressor inverter, the control box, the fuse board, the wiring harness.
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