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AVDBcms - Source Code JAV Adult Movie | Huge JAV Movie Database with up to 200,000 movies v2.1

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Today, while browsing through mod forums, I came across this source which seems quite promising, so I want to share it with everyone. Previously, I've mainly seen movie sources, but this one is for JAV, and it's a clean source. I've tested it and it's quite okay.
The source has been modded from Ovoo, so it's smooth and fully optimized for SEO. After testing for a while, I noticed a few minor bugs, but they don't really affect SEO. This source uses the API from Avdbapi.com, which boasts nearly 190,000 JAV movies, so it's perfect for anyone building a website. The code comes with all the necessary functionalities.
Download Link: https://mega.nz/folder/cTkDCKzS#vbmZuQe48kCXKUfjFGbULg
Installation Guide Video:
The installation steps are quite easy, you can install it yourself or watch the video I embedded above. Enter the Purchase Code as "avdbcms" and you're good to go.
After installation, remember to delete the install file and change line 59 in the index.php file from Development to Production.


If there are any installation issues, you can contact them via this link: https://t.me/avdb_api
Installation Guide: https://avdbapi.com/index.php/label/guide.html
Congratulations, it doesn't need a license.
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