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Rules of survival Rules of Survival – The strengths and weaknesses of all weapons (P2).


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After listing pistols, SMGs and rifles in the previous article, GameHub will complete the Rules of Survival tutorial with the remaining weapons.



Only found in the medkit, M249 is literally the only machine gun of Rules of Survival. With the capability of shooting 100 rounds successively, M249 gonna make you a real Rambo. Despite of the lowest stability, M249 has the same damage and rate of fire as M4A1 or AR15. So, as you can imagine it is an assault rifle that has a mag of machine gun.



Exactly, M14EBR must be reckoned DMR of the sniper rifle. DMR has long-distance shooting ability, but operates on semi-auto basis, that means firing one shot at a time. However, when M14EBR is regarded as the assault rifle, the strength of it remains unchanged. With the same damage as M4A1, however, this weapon has the highest stability. This makes scope view to remain stable no matter how fast you pull the trigger.



Shotgun is classified as a weapon no one wants but it is extremely essential when parachuting. This category has three types: M1887, M870 and AA12. In reality, the damage and stability of three guns are the same, but in terms of the number of bullets, M1887 has 2 bullets, M870 has 4 bullets and AA12 has 5 bullets in each shot. Beside the number of bullets, the most distinctive point of three types of guns is the rate of fire; M1887 has the fastest rate of fire, followed by AA12 and the last is M870.




Sniper or sniper rifle is a fairly controversial problem. With the PC games, when the ability of using the mouse is getting better, it is clearly a type of must-have weapon. However, because Rules of Survival is a Game Mobile, the touch-screen control mechanism cannot be as good as the player would like. Therefore, using this weapon, players must have high skill.


SVD acts as a normal sniper rifle, but the standard mag has only 10 bullets and it is less damaged than AWM, however it operates in the same way as M14EBR. This means that it can fire bullets according to the speed of trigger pulling and have high stability.



AS VAL is virtually an upgraded version from the inherent strengths of SVD. This means it has mag which has double the number of bullets, high rate of fire and excellent stability. If you want mobility as well as the power of a sniper, AS VAL is a great choice. However, AS VAL is less damaged than SVD.


The most basic Sniper of Rules of Survival, AWM has the highest damage among various kinds of sniper rifle. If you are skilled shooter, AWM should be a permanent weapon when you go deeper into the game.



As in the case of AS VAL, Barret is an upgraded version from the available strength of AWM with greater damage, higher stability and slightly lower rate of fire. If you have Barret, you will be able to knock down the target if you shoot in the limbs or the head, no matter what hat they are wearing. However, if you shoot in the body, you only cause 92 damage points if your target uses Armor-1, 79 damage points with Armor-2 and 59 damage points with Armor-3.

In the following post, GameHub will make a detailed assessment of weapon accessories in Rules of Survival. Please don’t miss it!

GameHub will continue to have instructions on Rules of Survival for readers in future.

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